Income-Focused Investment Strategies

You have enough to worry about. Your financial future and investment strategies shouldn’t be one of them.

As you head into your future; three things are essential; knowing where you want to go, a map or GPS and a knowledgeable, friendly guide.

Today’s Retirement is Different

You have…

Whatever your retirement dreams are, solid investment strategies can help you  achieve them.
Whatever your retirement plans, we can help you achieve them!
  • New adventures
  • Turning a hobby or passion into a business
  • Volunteering and serving, along with charitable giving
  • Spending time with grandkids and family
  • Living with assurance and financial peace of mind

Investment Strategies with your Lifestyle in mind…

Whether you are a new investor, or already retired and looking to your portfolio to help pay for living expenses or fund your “bucket list,” we believe that an investment strategy focused on generating predictable streams of income – reinvesting dividends to build more income during your accumulation years, then distributing that income without selling off your shares to do so, is essential to retirement success. We believe in a strategy that can work for you in up or down markets.

EPS Wealth Management is a family, wealth-building and management firm that offers financial growth products and services to help business owners, individuals, and families become stronger financially. We assist you in setting your financial making appropriate investing decisions and select relevant financial products and services.

With our 40+ years of proven investment strategies, and our wealth builders, we can custom-tailor an income-focused, wealth management plan for you and your family’s future.

Initial Consultation — What to Expect

Together we will review your insurance policies, taxes, investments and estate plan documents, answer questions, address your concerns and explain how we are compensated.

Online, virtual meetings available!

We take a look at all your financial, investing income options.

We take a “macro” and a “micro” look at what you are doing now.

  • Have you overlooked any essential areas?
  • What are your risk tolerance and goals?
  • Are the things you are doing appropriate for you?

Financial Freedom can be Yours!

Whether you own a business or are employed, we can help you create a personal, written plan to identify your financial dreams and goals and move toward financial freedom.