EPS Wealth Management - Our Services

EPS Wealth Management is a Registered Investment Advisor under the supervision of the Arizona Corporation Commission. Our mission is to help people escape the bondage of bad financial thinking, eliminate debt and achieve financial independence.

Wealth Management

  • Change Your Thinking to Change Your Results
  • Create A Written, Step by Step Plan For Success
  • Use Our Interactive Software to Set Goals, Monitor Spending, and Track Progress

Business Services

  • Set Up LLC’s, Corporations, Non-Profit Organizations
  • By-Laws and Operating Agreements
  • Buy – Sell Agreements – Succession Plans
  • Tax Advice and Preparation – By CPA & Tax Preparers (referral)
  • Asset Protection – By Attorney Referral
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Investment Portfolio Management

  • Results Focused Strategies
  • Streams of predictable, increasing income for life
  • High Income From Investments Now
  • Grow Your Portfolio
  • Gold, Silver & Precious Metals
    • How Much to Own
    • What to Buy, What to avoid, Where to Store
    • Modest Markups – Transparent Pricing
    • Lock Prices at Time of Order

Insurance Services

  • LIFE Insurance. Properly designed life insurance always has a place in your plan. Starting with inexpensive term insurance to protect your young family, protection for your loved ones when (not if) you die, money to pay for long-term care or catastrophic medical expenses, how to be your own banker (borrow from yourself, pay yourself interest), leave a legacy, build an intergenerational family dynasty of wealth and influence. We show you how to integrate life insurance into your planning that meets multiple needs and objectives and is always relevant.
  • Annuities. No investment risk, earnings linked to the growth of the stock market, contractually guaranteed, increasing income for life, enhanced income for long term care or catastrophic medical expenses, death benefits for the uninsurable.
  • Property & Casualty Insurance. Referrals to trusted independent insurance professionals who can help you assess your risks and insure them at modest pricing. Most important; they are there to assist and represent you at claim time.